Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Happy Celebration for Timmy

Tim loved partying for his birthday. He woke up the day of his birthday party and shouted from his room, "Mom, there is something in here!" Lo, and behold, his floor was covered with balloons. Anyway, that was the start of a fun day.
Also, between conference sessions, Timmy got to help us decorate his very own cake. We made a train cake with three cars. One carried his animals, another some pumpkins and Teddy (Mom named him-he's from Diego), and the other had Benny (from Dora) driving the train. We had a lot of fun putting together our "masterpiece".
Tim was so excited to have his cousins over and Uncle Adam (he kept reminding us on Sunday that Uncle Adam would be coming to his party). I think it was fun to have the rest of us there too. :)
He had fun opening his presents, and has spent time enjoying each one this last week (which I definitely enjoy!) His best reaction came when he opened his Playmobil castle. He let out a few shouts/screams as he tore off the paper. From that point on, Tim, Ryan and the rest of the kids were entertained as Ryan set up the castle with them. Anyway, below you can take in some of the fun.
I also added a couple pictures of Mary. She wanted to wear Tim's new pajamas and seems to love running around with pants, underwear, and tights on her head these days.


Wendi said...

What a cute family! Sorry we couldn't be there. I'll have to get tips from you on how to make a fun cake for Rachel's b-day.

Glenn Family said...

Yeah. I wish we could go to Rachie's party. I mostly just have fun making the cakes and don't expect too much. :)