Monday, February 02, 2009

Just out and about in...Mexico!

So, we begin our journey to Mexico here. We went for a fun-filled week that flew by way too fast. The weather was beautiful. The nachos were heavenly as well as the yummy drinks (for some reason I have always loved good nachos and the yummy drinks they serve at Mexican restaraunts.) So, that part was great. We ventured to Wal-Mart on the bus where Ryan got to reminisce about his days in Argentina. I think his favorite part though was going to church at a branch in Cabo. He even got to play the piano there during sacrament meeting. What fun it was to see the Members there and their faith. We loved seeing the culture, enjoying the beautiful weather, great food, and fun times as well as spending time as a family, including my parents. I even got to celebrate my birthday in Cabo. Ryan and I enjoyed a night out eating at an Italian buffet that overlooked the ocean. Thanks Mom and Dad- We will enjoy the memories. Well, those things weren't pictured in the blog, but here is the rest... Enjoying the sights at the resort. The fish were a hit with Mary. She kept showing us what the "fish says" as she watched them.
Welcome to Mexico Ryan. (Pictured with "Obama Iguana" and "Mickey Mouse."-At least that is what the lady called her iguanas, as she threw them in Ryan's hands, then on his shoulder, then on his head.)

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Last Family said...

Wow, looks like you guys had a blast. I am so happy you guys got to go take a break. Although it looks like you kept your selves plenty busy. Happy belated birthday!