Thursday, March 05, 2009

What to do? What to do?

So, how do we pass the time on the Sabbath? Well, while Ryan and I got dinner together on Sunday Mary and Timmy got to play outside. Yes, outside. I love it! I luh-huv Spring! Well, I guess Spring isn't here did snow today...but my tulips and daffodils are sprouting (and weeds) and we even got a sunburn at the park this we are on our way there. Mary posing in the bark chips that her and Timmy absolutely adore.Timmy's bark chip "sandbox"

Mary lovin' it.

Timmy wanted to dress in his Buccaneer outfit that he wore on Halloween when he was one-year-old. I wasn't too optimistic about it fitting, so Mary wore it and Timmy got to wear a couple pieces. He also wanted to wear his dinosaur costume, so here is a picture of the ensemble. Yes, this was a way to enjoy some time before church while Dad was at meetings.

I love these kids!

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