Monday, April 13, 2009

Dancing the night away

So, we went to an alumni dance at BYU on Saturday night with my parents. It is always good to get out and I feel fortunate that Ryan will go dancing. Ryan picked out my dress and he happened to pick a dress that is about 10 years old from a highschool dance. I was a bit embarressed to think my dress was so dated, but figured I wouldn't see my date from high school at the dance. :) Anyway, we snapped a few pictures after the dance for fun. Not sure why we decided to pose with the bunny, but he was in the room, so why not?
Kay, so I don't really have it in me to strike a seductive pose for the camera.

Ryan didn't know his picture was being taken, but I thought it was a nice pose.


Me and My Family said...

very fun! You are indeed very fortunate that Ryan will go dancing. I have to pull Dan's teeth to go at least once a year for Valentines day and it usually turns into an argument because he never loosens up at the dance either. I can't believe you were able to fit into a dress from High School either! WOW! What an accomplishment!

Last Family said...

Michelle, i am so proud of you for fitting in your dress. I am not even sure I still have those dresses from high school, but if I did I am sure I would not fit them. You are amazing! It looks like you had fun.