Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hikers are we...

Timmy taking a breather on rock that is just his size.

Mary was such a good sport. She was willing to go in the back pack or stroller, but she was especially happy when she was in neither and had free reign of the national park.

Ryan and the kids at Weeping Rock. Water seeped out of the rock, which made for a fun sight. We get excited when we see even a little bit of water here in Utah (esp. in Southern UT).
We made it to the top. It was a very short hike, but quite an uphill climb. Timmy made it all the way up and so did Ryan (he was pushing Mary in the stroller). Go us!

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Me and My Family said...

fun! I can't wait til we can get out and go hiking and do all those outdoorsy things as a family. The weather just needs to make up its mind over here. I have turned the heat off in the house multiple times just to turn it back on again the next day. Looks like the kids had fun!