Friday, June 06, 2014

Exploring the North Shore

We stayed on the North Shore on Oahu at Turtle Bay. Almost every day we walked to a secluded beach and made some awesome discoveries!
 Tim's coconut. We worked like crazy to crack it open. Apparently it is an artform getting those coconuts open.
 Our semi-private beach. :)
 "Holding to the rod" on one of our daily walks to the beach.
 My mom striking a pose.
 My dad walking on the coral near the resort.
 On our walk to the beach we were able to see the Banyan tree from the show Lost. The area is beautiful and a lot of the show was filmed in the area.
Hangin' out in the Banyan tree.

 Along the beach at our resort. Tim thought he would try out crab.
 This turtle was on the secluded beach a couple of the mornings. It was a major highlight!


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