Thursday, May 28, 2009

A little extra attention is always nice!

Grandma Shellie came to visit this last week and we loved having her. She did everything from spraying for ants to bathing the kids so Ryan and I could go on a bike ride. Besides her helping out :) their were other pluses. We loved chatting with her and the kids loved the extra attention. I am grateful for my family and my wonderful family that came with marrying Ryan too! Below are some of the fun things we did together. We went to dinner at the Garden restaurant across from the Salt Lake Temple. Mmmmm!

We went atop the church office builing (I had never been). What a great view of Salt Lake. Unfortunately, we didn't see any general authorities. Ryan and Shellie saw some before and I think they might have expected to see them again, not really a common occurance!

In front of the fountain at the church office builing.

We even got a little wet. So wild! Actually, it was the wind.

We went to the barn at Thanksgiving Point and we were lucky enough to have my mom come along too. Timmy enjoyed the pony ride...Mary didn't to join in the fun. We went on the wagon ride at the end. I barely had to lift my finger with two grandmother's there. Timmy and Mary got lots of attention.

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