Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cake Batter to Sidewalk Chalk!

Timmy has been having fun writing his name lately. I seem to find his name or the letters of his name scribbled everywhere. He will ask me what a word starts with and has actually been taking an interest in lettters. I tried working with him on letters before, which I think some of it sunk in, but now that he cares a little more it makes all the difference.
Tim has also been a super helper. He has been a great helper to Mary (most of the time) and a great friend to her. He will excitedly tell her when we are having juice for dinner because he knows Mary loves juice. I think he is more excited for Mary's birthday than she is! He helped me to make a german chocolate cake for Ryan the other day and he could not get enough of the cake batter (as you can see). He told me after he finished he needed a bath because he had the cake in his hair.


Me and My Family said...

They're growing up so much! Kiera saw me looking at your blog and saw the picture of Timmy. She asked, "Can I play with him" It was cute. I told her we'd be seeing them next month at the beach. I don't know if she understood what that means but she is excited to be able to play with her cousins!

Glenn Family said...

Oh, how cute Kiera! All in good time. We are excited too.