Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ayuda me Timmy!

So Mary has been giving us some laughs lately. She has been saying alot more and the past few days we caught her saying "Help Timmy, Ayuda me Timmy!" when she wants Timmy's assistance. I guess she is really soaking something in when she watches Dora. Which she loves Dora and Diego.
She also loves shoes. She seems to constantly be in my closet trying on my heels. Usually every morning when she wakes up that is the first place she will go and she will say "Come on Timmy!"
Mary also loves to sing. This morning she was singing "I'm a VIP in my family!" Timmy isn't so much into singing, so it is fun to hear Mary singing multiple times a day.

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Me and My Family said...

That is cute. It is amazing what they pick up isn't it? Look forward to seeing you and your family in then next few weeks or so.