Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Go Mary, Go Mary. It's your Birthday!

Mary was able to share some fun with her cousins and aunts and uncles too. They came to share in the cake and ice cream. The cousins liked eating all the accessories on the cake more than the cake itself (although they didn't really seem to have much of a problem with that either). I promised all the adults that when Ryan or I have our bday parties the cake would be more on the delicious side and less on the fun side. Mary was really cute trying to blow out the candles. She did try. She just needed lots more power!

Mary loves her new Dora doll. She takes her everywhere. Lately her hands and arms are filling with all her "loves". It's getting a little difficult to carry everything around and get around at times. While opening gifts she was usually holding her previous present as she tried to open her current present.
Sleeping with a couple of her new loves after a fun day of partying.


Me and My Family said...

very cute! I love the cake. That looked fun! Did you guys get my package yet? I hope so. I sent it last weekend. Take care

Glenn Family said...

Yeah, we did get the package. We got it on Monday. Mary was so excited to have another present. The shirt and shorts are so cute and I was so impressed with your card. There should be a thank you card coming your way. I just haven't sent it yet. :)