Tuesday, July 28, 2009

They say it's your Birthday!

I think Timmy was more excited for Mary's birthday than she even was. He had so much fun being her sidekick and helper. He was there every step of the way.
"Let me show you what this is Mary."
Mary was so excited to wear a new dress.

I went to pick up Mary from nursery and she was wearing this cute birthday cake hat (that she gets to keep) and she even got fruit snacks and bubbles for her birthday. I could tell she was just tickled pink. The nursery leader told us she was anxious for Mary's bday to come so she would be able to wear the hat. Apparently Mary would get very envious when the other kids wore the hat for their birthday. Who wouldn't be envious of that hat?
Tim was my special helper in making the cake. It was a special pool party cake. It was a cake with a blue jello swimming pool in the inside. There were little bears (teddy grahams) swimming in it with life preservers (gummy savers) and fun fishy candies. Anyway, it was fun to put together.

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