Thursday, October 15, 2009

Muddy shoes & tents and the beach!

In August we drove to Oregon for our annual family reunion with Ryan's family. It was a long drive, but THANK GOODNESS for portable DVD players. We survived! We spent about a week camping at the Oregon coast. I haven't camped for a whole week since girl's camp and if you know me...the camping part of girl's camp wasn't exactly my favorite part. But we survived and had a great time. And by the way, it dumped rain for the first few days while we were there. But the sun managed to dry things out by the end of the week. Grandpa made some cute boats for the grandkids. The balloons served as the "engines."
Tim seemed to really get a kick out of his cousin Kaleb. There wasn't much eating during mealtimes, mostly laughing with his cousin.
Kiera and Mary with their "treasures". We had a treasure hunt each evening that the kids loved. The parents even got a treasure hunt too! Notice the mud pit behind Mary and Kiera-we started the week not minding that our tent was on the sand. The kids loved the area and went crazy playing in the sand the first few hours. After that is was mostly a mud pit.
Kaleb, Florence, Tim and Mary standing guard at the Fort.

It was fun to be so close to the beach. I miss being near the beach.
At least we can look forward to the family reunions each year. Thanks Grandma Shellie and Grandpa Bob!

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