Friday, April 18, 2014

Farewell Honolulu!

We ended the week in Honolulu which is filled with many more tourists and traffic. Below we are at Waikiki Beach which is absolutely beautiful and one of Oahu's most well-visited beaches. We had a flight that left at about 9pm so we didn't want to get too sandy on our way out. As much as we tried, Tim still ended up with soaked shorts. :)

 Group Hug! Or maybe just an over-protective mom. Ha. :)
 View of Honolulu

 Before our trip to Waikiki beach we stopped for some refreshment from the Dole pineapple plantation.
 Save some or us Luke!

It's not often Ryan is this relaxed.

Goodbye, from the island of Oahu where even the pups are chill and stylish. This pairing was on the freeway. Yes, our trip was a bit "dream-like". Reality hit us though when we were on our red-eye flight home. The vacation was over. But luckily, the kids slept really well and we have some fun memories to last a lifetime.

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