Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hanging out at Ko 'Olina and Tim's new Love

Let's see if it becomes apparent what Tim's new love is. Here we are at Ko 'Olina beach on the opposite side of the island from where we were staying. It is a beautiful beach with a nice little area for snorkeling (right at our resort, Turtle Bay, also had amazing snorkeling)

 Tim and Ryan trying out snorkeling.
 Tim still trying it out.
 Tim still going . . .
 Smiling after checking out the fish.

 Tim just kept going and going. He loved it. If he had gone out a little further by the reef he would have seen even more fish. But he was happy with the ones he was seeing. Mostly clear fish with black eyes. By the reef there were more colorful fish of all sorts.

 Burying Grandma. She and Grandpa were the first to show us how snorkeling was done.

A bit bright and sunny!

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